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Cable Management with Elite Bracket Cable Bearer Wall Bearer Included

Cable Management with Elite Bracket Cable Bearer Wall Bearer Included

Elite Bracket Cable Bearer

Cable Management Cable Bearer

Wall Bearer Cable Bearer

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Minimum Order Quantity
50 Sets
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20 Days/Container
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Supply Ability
2000000 Sets/year
Product Description

Elite Yellow FRP Cable Bearer Secure and Organize Cables with Confidence

ELITE Bracket Cable Bearer Product Details


Product Code Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Qty/Package
Elite-CCB-004 350mm 0.54 42 pcs


Material: The cable bracket and bearer are manufactured from Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites. 


Mounting: The cable bracket and bearer are designed to be mounted on a chamber wall. They are typically attached using bolts, which are usually supplied with the system. The specific mounting method may vary depending on the system and application.


Wall Bearer: The wall bearer is a component that allows for the installation of multiple cable bearers. It is mounted on the chamber wall and provides a secure base for attaching the cable bearers. The wall bearer offers flexibility in the vertical position, enabling adjustments to suit the cable layout or requirements.


Cable Bearers: The cable bearers are used to hold and support cables securely. They are attached to the wall bearer and provide a stable platform for organizing and managing the cables. Cables can be strapped to the cable bearers, ensuring they are held in place and minimizing the risk of entanglement or damage.


Product advantages

Cable supports are pivotal components in ensuring the efficiency of cable management systems, offering a myriad of benefits that bolster organization, safeguarding, and overall operational effectiveness. Here are the key advantages provided by cable supports:

1. Cable Stability and Organization: Cable supports furnish steadfast backing for cables, guaranteeing their orderly arrangement and systematic organization. By securely anchoring cables in position, they prevent entanglement, knots, and potential damage, facilitating seamless cable identification and streamlined maintenance.

2. Streamlined Cable Access and Maintenance: Cable supports streamline access to cables during maintenance, repair, or replacement tasks. With cables elevated and neatly secured, technicians can effortlessly reach specific cables without disrupting the entire network, thereby minimizing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

3. Enhanced Cable Protection: Offering an added layer of defense, cable supports shield cables from physical harm, abrasion, and inadvertent tripping hazards. By keeping cables elevated above ground level, they mitigate the risk of wear and tear stemming from pedestrian traffic, vehicular movement, or environmental elements, thus ensuring the durability and resilience of cables.

4. Optimized Air Circulation and Heat Dissipation: Elevated cables facilitate superior airflow and heat dissipation, particularly advantageous for power cables or high-speed data transmission lines. This mitigation of overheating potentialities averts performance issues and maintains optimal temperature levels, thereby bolstering the overall efficacy and dependability of cable systems.

5. Adaptability and Expandability: Designed to cater to diverse cable management requisites, cable supports boast flexibility and scalability. Available in assorted sizes, materials, and configurations, they accommodate varying cable types, quantities, and installation specifications. This adaptability fosters effortless scalability, empowering cable systems to evolve and expand in tandem with evolving demands.


In summary, cable bearers offer essential advantages in cable management systems. They provide sturdy support, enhance organization, enable easy access for maintenance, protect cables from damage, improve airflow and heat dissipation, and offer flexibility for future expansion. By incorporating cable bearers into cable management strategies, organizations can optimize efficiency, minimize downtime, and ensure the safety and longevity of their cable infrastructure.

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