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High Strength FRP Bracket Cable Bearer 400mm Enhanced Support Improved Airflow

High Strength FRP Bracket Cable Bearer 400mm Enhanced Support Improved Airflow

High Strength Bracket Cable Bearer

FRP Bearer Support Brackets

400mm Bracket Cable Bearer

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Product Details
High Strength, Durable, Easy To Install
Various Sizes
Bracket Cable Bearer
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
50 Sets
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
20 Days/Container
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Supply Ability
2000000 Sets/year
Product Description

Elite FRP Cable Bearer Enhanced Cable Support and Improved Airflow

ELITE Bracket Cable Bearer Product Details


Product Code Dimension(mm) Weight(kg) Qty/Package
Elite-CCB-005 400mm 0.57 30 pcs


Material: The cable bracket and bearer are manufactured from Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites. 


Mounting: The cable bracket and bearer are designed to be mounted on a chamber wall. They are typically attached using bolts, which are usually supplied with the system. The specific mounting method may vary depending on the system and application.


Wall Bearer: The wall bearer is a component that allows for the installation of multiple cable bearers. It is mounted on the chamber wall and provides a secure base for attaching the cable bearers. The wall bearer offers flexibility in the vertical position, enabling adjustments to suit the cable layout or requirements.


Cable Bearers: The cable bearers are used to hold and support cables securely. They are attached to the wall bearer and provide a stable platform for organizing and managing the cables. Cables can be strapped to the cable bearers, ensuring they are held in place and minimizing the risk of entanglement or damage.


Product advantages

Cable bearers provide a range of benefits that enhance cable management systems, offering improved organization, protection, and overall efficiency. Here are key advantages of using cable bearers:

1.  Efficient Cable Organization: Cable bearers facilitate systematic cable organization, ensuring neat and tidy cable arrangements. By keeping cables in designated pathways, they minimize clutter, simplify cable identification, and streamline maintenance procedures.

2.  Cable Protection: Cable bearers offer essential protection for cables against physical damage, abrasion, and potential hazards. By keeping cables elevated and securely held in place, they minimize the risk of accidental tripping, prevent cable entanglement, and reduce wear and tear caused by environmental factors.

3.  Easy Accessibility and Maintenance: With cables supported by bearers, they become easily accessible for maintenance tasks such as repairs, replacements, or additions. Technicians can efficiently locate and work on specific cables without disturbing the entire cable network, reducing downtime and improving troubleshooting efficiency.

4.  Enhanced Airflow and Heat Dissipation: Cable bearers elevate cables off the floor or ground, allowing for improved airflow and heat dissipation. This is particularly beneficial for power cables or high-speed data cables that generate heat. By maintaining optimal temperature levels, cable bearers help prevent overheating and ensure reliable cable performance.

5.  Flexibility and Scalability: Cable bearers are designed to be versatile and adaptable to different cable management requirements. They come in various sizes, materials, and configurations, accommodating different cable types and quantities. This flexibility enables easy scalability, allowing cable systems to grow and adapt as needs evolve.

6.  Reduced Cable Interference: By providing dedicated cable pathways, cable bearers minimize cable interference and cross-talk. This helps maintain signal integrity, especially in data or communication cable networks, resulting in improved performance and reduced data transmission errors.

7.  Increased Safety: Elevating cables with bearers helps create a safer environment by reducing tripping hazards. By keeping cables organized and off the ground, potential accidents or injuries caused by tangled cables are minimized, ensuring a safer workspace for personnel.


In summary, cable bearers offer multiple benefits in cable management systems. They enhance organization, provide cable protection, enable easy accessibility for maintenance, improve airflow and heat dissipation, offer flexibility for system expansion, reduce cable interference, and contribute to overall safety. Incorporating cable bearers into cable management strategies optimizes efficiency, prolongs cable lifespan, and ensures a reliable and well-organized cable infrastructure.

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