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Rectangular Shower Floor Drain

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Elite
Model Number: J6831-3843
Minimum Order Quantity: 100nos
Packaging Details: Carton
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 2000000 Set/Year
Detail Information
Material: Brass Surface Treatment: Electroplating
Color: Silver/Black/Grey Transport Package: Carton Box
Application: Floor, Basin, Sink, Bathtub Sink Strainer Kind: Push Down Pop-up
Specification: 300*82*19 OEM: Available
High Light:

Rectangular Shower Floor Drain


Rectangular Shower Channel Drain


Linear Shower Floor Drain

Product Description

Elite Brass Shower Floor Drains High Quality and Stylish for Bathroom

ELITE Shower Floor Drain Product Details

Rectangular Shower Floor Drain 0

Code L(mm) H(mm) b(mm) c(mm) d(mm)
J823-3827 82*200 90 39 45 19


Main material: brass precision forging
Inner core material: ABS engineering plastics
Application: engineering plastic ABS material selfsealing deodorant core, aging resistance, coorosion resistance, easy to clean, longer service time

Rectangular Shower Floor Drain 1


Product Advantage

Brass precision forging offers several benefits due to the unique characteristics of the process and the material. Here are some of the advantages of using brass precision forging:


Enhanced Strength and Durability: Precision forging involves shaping the brass material under high pressure, resulting in a dense and uniform structure. This process improves the strength and durability of the brass component, making it highly resistant to wear, fatigue, and deformation.

Excellent Dimensional Accuracy: Precision forging allows for the creation of complex shapes with tight tolerances. The process ensures precise control over the dimensions and geometry of the brass part, resulting in accurate and consistent components that meet the required specifications.

Improved Mechanical Properties: Through precision forging, the grain structure of the brass is refined, leading to improved mechanical properties. The forged brass exhibits higher tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness compared to other manufacturing methods. It also offers better resistance to impact and load-bearing capabilities.

Enhanced Surface Finish: Brass precision forging can achieve a smooth and refined surface finish, eliminating the need for additional finishing operations. The forged brass component often requires minimal post-forging machining or polishing, reducing production time and costs.

Cost Efficiency: Precision forging optimizes the use of material, resulting in minimal wastage. The high production rates and repeatability of the process contribute to cost efficiency, making brass precision forging a viable option for manufacturing complex and high-volume components.

Design Flexibility: Brass precision forging allows for the production of intricate and custom-designed parts. The process enables the creation of complex shapes, undercuts, and thin sections that would be challenging or impossible to achieve through other manufacturing methods.

Improved Grain Structure and Properties: The precision forging process alters the grain structure of the brass, aligning it along the contours of the component. This refinement enhances the mechanical properties of the brass, including increased strength, improved fatigue resistance, and better overall performance.


It's worth noting that the benefits mentioned above specifically apply to brass precision forging. Different materials and forging processes may offer alternative advantages depending on the specific requirements and applications.

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